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The project's activities will be implemented in the frame of three main work packages:

Business Consultation

WP 1: Project Coordination & Management

WP 1 is dedicated to the overall coordination and management of the project aimed at ensuring its effective, smooth, and high-quality execution, and the following sub-objectives were defined:

  • Ensuring effective coordination and collaboration among partners and monitoring progress

  •  Managing financial, administrative, technical, and ethical aspects of the project within the available time and budget constraints, and promoting gender equality

  •  To identify, manage and resolve potential risks associated with the project implementation and to put necessary contingency plans in place

  •  Promote the project`s activities and obtained results in a transparent way

  •  Maintaining regular and clear lines of communication with the Ministry of Science in Bulgaria

The supervision and the coordination of the project progress will be ensured by the Project Management Committee (PMC) comprised of the project leader and members of each participating partner institution.

Giving a Presentation

WP2: Training in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding

The main objective of the Work Package 2 is to significantly enhance the overall scientific R&I capacity of team members from IPPG and its partner IBER in the field of DNA barcoding studies. More specific objectives include:

  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the main concept of this methodological approach at all stages of the method's workflow - from project design, implementation of the DNA barcoding molecular experiments to the statistical analysis of DNA barcode data and database

  • Understanding the opportunity of the application of the methodology in different scenarios of biodiversity and ecology research (plant taxonomic range, geographical and micro-ecological specificities) 

  • Generation of DNA barcode data for a wide range of plant species characteristic for Bulgaria and upload this information in international DNA barcode libraries

The activities will consist of spring and autumn training schools as well as short-term on-site visits at the partner institution from Finland and optionally in their collaborator teams. The short-term visits will allow the fellows of the INTBAR group to become introduced into current DNA barcoding activities in the research centers of the Finnish partner, thus enabling the improvement of methodological expertise and knowledge of the good practice of management and coordination of DNA barcoding initiatives.

Business Meeting

WP3: Dissemination and Exploitation

The main objective of  WP3 is to extend IPPG's strategic partnerships and to strengthen its visibility and reputation among the national and international research community, industry, policy-makers, and the general public. More specific objectives include:

  • To raise awareness of the project and the project results and to disseminate these results to different target groups 

  • To bring together national stakeholders in the field of biodiversity studies, including decision-makers, businesses, researchers, and citizens, and to initiate a dialogue between these stakeholders 


The project results and the promotion of DNA barcoding applications will be disseminated through a series of organized scientific events during the project duration. They include open-public Information & Networking days, internal and external seminars, publications. At the end of the project term in the second year, a DNA barcoding seminar with international participation is scheduled to be organized by the project coordinator IPPG with the support of its partner IBER.

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